While working with The Agency at Plymouth College of Art when I was at university I was approached to do a rebranding project for a local student letting agency, Clever Student Lets.  The project was a slight rebrand and to create an Accommodation booklet, application forms, bus banner, postcard/contact card and four sets of large stackable cubes to appeal to the audience more that CSL original branding would.
I was really pleased to accept this project as it gave me a huge part in the creative direction, as Clever student lets didn’t have many requirements for the style. Clever Student Lets wanted a style that would appeal to young, first-year students that would be starting at Plymouth College of Art, something colourful and refreshing. I was once a first year starting at PCA so I wanted to create something that myself and my friends would enjoy looking at and reading.
Following on from this project I have been able to go on and work for Clever Student Lets as their freelance designer, which is a great experience for me and has had a huge positive impact on me as a new designer.

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