This branding project for me was extremely rewarding, the brief was to brand as young, up and coming fashion designer at Plymouth College of Art, a fashion branding collaboration project.
I was extremely lucky to work with fashion designer Jennifer Claire, and we ended up working brilliantly together. I also collaborated with a commercial photography student to be able to achieve professional photographs which were great and was also a really good way of gaining contacts.
Jennifer’s brand was all about the curves of a body and emphasising them, She also wanted a very sophisticated clean look and we achieved that well. I was very pleased with the design of the logo and the name of the collection it all worked together harmoniously. As part of the projects, I created swing tags, internal labels, brand guidelines, a logo and business cards. The internal labels were a laser cut vinyl which was a really innovative way of creating an internal label and both myself and Jennifer were really pleased with them.
The swing tags were doubled with the first card having the JC engraved into it using a laser cutter and then the second card had the collection name digitally printed onto it which gave a very clean finish. We were both extremely pleased with the outcomes and the look of the finished product and project as a whole. It was an extremely rewarding project.

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