Lux candle spinners were my final outcome for an innovative product and packaging project where I was creating a product based on dreams. I created a spinning candle dream enhancer, it functioned by using the essence of a candle and the shadows of symbols projecting on the walls to able to theme a persons dream while they sleep. I created three different themes, Zen, Wealth and Happiness.
The idea was that these candle spinners could help people to not only to sleep but to be able to dream of a chosen theme. The candle and spinning shadows would help people to be able to fall into REM sleep which is the stage of sleep that is most likely to cause dreams.
This project was a challenge, creating a huge concept and idea from the word “dreams” was daunting, however, once I started to really think and open my mind to what I would achieve I had a range of ideas. Another positive was my final product, the candle spinner, I was really pleased to be able to have created a product that didn’t previously exist and for it to come out and be a great piece.

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