This project was one of my first that introduced me to creative image making, it allowed me to use mixed media to create and design song inspired record covers. I created the first sleeve using continuous line drawing then filling parts using colours, textures and images of David Bowie himself, this cover was for David Bowie’s song Heroes.
My second sleeve was created for Kate Bush’s song Wuthering Heights and inspired by her music video and the Wuthering Heights novel. The sleeve itself was created using digital collage of photographs and textures that I had previously created using ink and paint.
My final sleeve was for Skepta’s song Shutdown, which was inspired by the genre of the music which is Grime. The texture was created through the spread of paint across the paper and edited using Photoshop to darken the colour and texture. This was a really enjoyable project, I was able to be very free with the way I worked and the different media’s that I used and I was really pleased with the outcomes.

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