BA (Hons) Fashion year two at Plymouth College of Art required a Graphic designer to be able to brand one of their up and coming exhibition to exhibit their final garments. The concept of their project was about protest and they wanted to be able to show their manifestos on their designs using a tag.
I was more than happy to be able to help them as I have previous experience within fashion and still a huge interest within it. They wanted posters, tags, a portfolio front cover and invitations that would be sent out. They had a small amount of research that really helped me understand the look they were going for which was a huge help, I then went away and created some first developments that I could show them within a small presentation.
We discussed the venue that they were holding the exhibition and it was brought up that the building could be used on the posters so I took a few images of the building made some illustrations out of them and they worked really well for the posters and then after the slight development they worked well for the portfolio page. These photographs show the designs being used at the exhibition, the final posters.

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